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Senior Spotlight Archive
LVA 2019-20 Club Season

To our 2020 Graduates

Lahainaluna High School

“Growing up I was involved in many sports, but it wasn't until my freshman year of high school I knew that volleyball was my sport! Lanakila Volleyball Academy has taught me so much and I wish I had joined sooner. I knew I had a lot to learn in very little time. Volleyball takes years of learning and experience.

Joining LVA, I had to make a lot of sacrifices. It was very hard living in Honokohau Valley, while going to school, then practice upcountry and then coming back home late at night. I had to do most of my homework on the road going to practices. I always felt worn out and tired but I never wanted to give up or miss a practice!

My advice to younger girls and ones thinking about joining LVA is that this club will change your life for the better! Not only will you learn the game of volleyball, you will learn how to become a strong woman, a sister, a teammate and a great role model for others. Anything is possible if you want to make it happen! Having a strong positive mindset will help you tackle any obstacles in life.

I will be attending Hartnell College in California, studying Early Childhood Education, to become a pre-school teacher on Maui!

Lahainaluna High School

“When I first joined LVA I was scared of the girls—I was so scared to the point I missed the ball badly trying to hit it. LVA has taught me so much! I have improved a lot since my freshman year and it's all thanks to the coaches. I want to thank my team and the LVA Coaching Staff for being my volleyball family and supporting me through everything. I will most especially miss my team and coaches because they gave me great memories I will never forget. I leave this club that taught me how to lead, and love the sports I play.

Some words of encouragement I have for younger players is that even though the going gets hard and tough you should always keep on trying and don't give up because in the end you won't regret a thing.

I will be attending Western Oregon University. I have chosen this school because while talking with the counselor from there they got me hooked and interested in attending. I sadly will not play in college my first year but will try out my second year.”

Lahainaluna High School

“After my high school volleyball season was over, I didn't think I'd want to join club after that, but a friend suggested LVA to me and I decided to see for myself if it was a club for me. Walking in the gym made me nervous thinking to myself "what if I'm not as good as everyone here?" But once we started, I pushed myself to try and better myself everyday on the court. They had a great coaching staff and great drills that really helped me a lot.

I want to thank my team and the LVA Coaching Staff for picking me up whenever I was down, always having faith not only in me but with everyone of us on the team and working very hard on making sure we were all safe and felt cared for on and off the court. I will most especially miss the fun times we had on the court, all the laughs we shared, scrimmages we had and the bond we have created together. I leave this club that taught me to always work hard to achieve your goals and never giving up on them, making sure that once you're on that court that you should only think about volleyball and how to better yourself at it.

As for my near-future plans, I have decided to stay here on Maui and attend the University of Hawaii Maui College for 2 years and to major in Business Administration; and maybe transfer to WOU (Western Oregon University) to complete a bachelor's degree there. To the younger athletes who are looking at wanting to play volleyball whether it's for school or club, I can say with great confidence that LVA is a great club to get you ready for high school volleyball. It's definitely challenging, but worth it in the end.”


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